Varieté and Cabaret

Colourful acts to marvel and laugh at


A selection of offbeat acts with a wink and a nod that will amuse audiences on the street or in variety shows.

Enjoy the thrill of Jane Wonder’s new fitness programme, be inspired by the wondrous feats of road sweeper Besenboy, or experience the peculiar handbag fight between the flamboyant young ladies Gina and Sina.

Our programme also includes enchanting contact juggling featuring the manipulation and levitation of crystal balls and energetic hula hoop artistry.


IDEAL FOR cabaret festivals, public events, variety shows, dinner evenings


Please contact us for a detailed description of the individual acts.


Please use our booking form for a non-binding and free offer or send us an email with your wishes and information about the event. We would be happy to send you an offer and get back to you immediately.




Christina Lange

phone +49 (0) 30 81 61 33 58
mobile +49 (0) 176 63 15 35 90